Cuts the hardest clearcoats fast!

3D ACA 510 Premium Rubbing Compound is specifically formulated to cut hard clearcoats fast. The unique, proprietary ceramic abrasive technology keeps surface temperatures lower than conventional compounds. 3D ACA 510 Premium Rubbing Compound also cuts all other types of paints, coatings, and materials fast.

When it comes to compounds you want a product that cuts fast, cuts cool, is low to no swirl, has zero dusting, long buffing cycle without drying out and most important – easy wipe-off. You get all of these features with 3D ACA 510 Premium Rubbing Compound.

  • Fastest body shop cutting compound quickly cuts and levels hard clearcoats
  • Removes sanding marks and other paint defects and imperfections
  • Alpha Ceramic Alumina technology provides true paint correction
  • Fresh paint safe, silicone-free, and water based