3D Ultra Protectant will be your favorite tire and trim dressing. It works fast, it’s easy to apply and the results are consistent over a wide spectrum of tires and just about any type of exterior trim. You’ll get incredible gloss from a water-based protectant that dries to the touch and resists washing off when exposed to wet weather and even repeated washings.

There’s no greasy feel or look to this tire dressing and it works just as well on all types of exterior rubber and vinyl dressing. Aptly named, 3D ULTRA Protectant, you’ll find out for yourself after using it just one time.

  • Water based tire shine
  • High gloss and long lasting durability
  • Easy spray and wipe formula cleans surface with minimal effort
  • Enjoy shiny tires for a couple weeks without having to reapply

Size: 1 Galon